/All we want for Xmas is Top Gear

All we want for Xmas is Top Gear

no top gear jeremy clarkson facebook at All we want for Xmas is Top Gear

Some say the fastest thing going round the track this Summer is Usain Bolt, and that the only Drag Race taking place is between Americans and Jamaicans, all we know is that we have to wait until Xmas to have another Top Gear show…

Yes, it’s official now, rumors were out there after Jeremy’s radio interview, but we all were secretly expecting it wasn’t exactly like that, but unfortunately it is.

Jeremy Clarkson just confirm this on Facebook (as you can see from the picture above), so it looks like we have to wait until Xmas for the three wise man to return. Once again the Olympics are spoiling all the fun, UK is a chaos already and London looks like a war zone, but for what? The most exciting thing that’ll happen there is a few girls playing beach volleyball  in their tiny clothes.

No, we’re not happy at all and the guys better work their arses off to prepare an extra cool Xmas show, or else…

So, on this bombshell, it’s time to end, see you next Xmas!

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