/Comparison: BMW 328i vs Mercedes C250

Comparison: BMW 328i vs Mercedes C250

BMW 328i vs Mercedes Benz C250 at Comparison: BMW 328i vs Mercedes C250

Those looking for a mid-size sedan with a bit of style and finesse, always end up looking at these two cars: Mercedes C Class and BMW 3 Series. Lucky for the customers, the latest versions of these German sedans are the best ever in their history. They are both powered by four-cylinder engine that deliver power of a six-cylinder but much, much better mileage, thanks to high-tech turbochargers.

The engine in the BMW 328i, especially, has been praised by everyone who tried it for efficiency, responsiveness and fun.The Mercedes too benefits form a very gutsy engine with the right amount of grunt to keep up with the er. Handling-wise though, the Bimmer is the superior choice.

Alright let’s hand over to Jonny Liberman for a thorough comparison between these two fine sedans:

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