/Track Test: 2013 Mercedes SL550 vs BMW 650i

Track Test: 2013 Mercedes SL550 vs BMW 650i

SL vs 650 at Track Test: 2013 Mercedes SL550 vs BMW 650i

As far as comparison tests go, this is a good one. Guys at Inside Line pitch two of the hottest GT/Convertible cars currently available – 2013 Mercedes SL550 and BMW 650i Convertible – against each other on the test track to compare figures. This test can help many people who are wondering between these two to make a better decision. After all, both these cars cost well over 100 grand.

In this video not only you learn about the performance of these cars, you also get a good look at them side by side.

The SL in this test is powered by a twin-turbo V8 engine developing 430 hp. It’s plenty fast in the straight line, but in the corners it’s still a big old Merc. The BMW also has a twin-turbo V8, but it has to make do with only 400. It does handle like a BMW though, which is the best kind you can get. Neither of them are very pretty though, but at the least the BMW doesn’t look like an alien!

Much more details: Inside Line

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