/Nissan LEAF Limo From Missouri

Nissan LEAF Limo From Missouri

Nissan LEAF Limo 1 at Nissan LEAF Limo From Missouri

Nissan LEAF becomes the world’s first fully-functional electric limousine as a company in Missouri makes an example for the Embassy suites hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. They apparently wanted something green and nice to shuttle the guests around, and since their typical trip is less than five miles, they thought of the LEAF. It’s a good idea, but an elongated LEAF looks kind of ridiculous and funny.

Maybe instead of LEAF Limo they should have called it the Nissan LMFAO!

The Limo LEAF has room for 8 people inside, although with the extra length and weight and all the toys inside the cabin, – and 8 people onboard – we’re not sure it will be able to move at all. The car still has one battery pack, and its 90 horsepower electric motor has not been changed either.

What the unnamed company has done is cut the LEAF in half, add the middle and install the new seats, mirrors, plush leather and cedar paneling. The passengers seem to be happy with the end result though:

“I don’t know how they did it, if they cut a car in half, but it’s really interesting and fun that they did,” said first-time passenger Krystal Serrano. Krystal Serrano never had until she rode for the first time in the hotel’s LEAF limo. “It feels so smooth.  You can’t even really hear the engine running, but it wasn’t like being in a golf cart either.  It was like being in a limousine,” said Serrano.

Nissan LEAF Limo 3 at Nissan LEAF Limo From Missouri

Nissan LEAF Limo 2 at Nissan LEAF Limo From Missouri

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