/Noisy Lamborghinis Get Pulled Over In Monaco

Noisy Lamborghinis Get Pulled Over In Monaco

noisy lambos at Noisy Lamborghinis Get Pulled Over In Monaco

For us petrolheads the sound a Lamborghini V12 makes, especially one with aftermarket exhausts, is sweeter than the sound girls make when you do bad things to them. But we should understand, and appreciate, that not all people share this love of awesome exhaust noise. This is a fact these Lamborghini drivers found out the hard way in Monaco when they got pulled over by the rozzers and given a serious warning.

That is why we have active exhausts. They are rather quite at low rpm which means while you’re driving around town you won’t ruin everyone’s day, but once you are on a freeway and rev up, a valve flicks open and they bark like wounded animals. Straight pipes like this Aventador’s probably got are always noisy.

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