/Track Test: Mercedes SL63 AMG vs BMW M6

Track Test: Mercedes SL63 AMG vs BMW M6

SL63 vs M6 at Track Test: Mercedes SL63 AMG vs BMW M6

In the world of fast, convertible and very expensive luxury sports cars, BMW M6 and Mercedes SL63 are two of the greatest. They have been at each other’s throats for years, and they continue the battle with their latest models. Things have changed though, and for the first time ever Mercedes seems to have made the better track car, while the BMW is the one that is more fun to fool around in.

In this test AutoExpress puts these two giants head to head, and the lighter, nimbler Mercedes laps the Blyton test track a full second faster than the Bimmer. Weirdly, the M6 seems more composed than the AMG in going sideways.

Track test, however, does not reveal the ultimate winner when we are talking about drop-top cruisers, which these cars really are. It’s the whole package that matters. And that’s where things get complicated again. The M6 is prettier than the SL63, but the SL has a folding hardtop. The AMG makes a cool noise, but the BMW is more dignified….

Nobody is giving in.

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