/TUNED Reviews Hennessey Camaro ZL1

TUNED Reviews Hennessey Camaro ZL1

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Drive Channel’s TUNED show pops by Hennessey Performance facilities again, this time to check out their hot out of oven 700-hp Camaro ZL1. Hennessey is a master of extracting big horsepower out of any kind of engine. The question is, are these overpowered monsters are actually drivable? Hopefully we find the answer to that after watching this video.

As a little extra something, they also race the ZL1 against John Hennessey’s daily driver CTS-V “Hammer Wagon” down his own private drag strip:

Hennessey’s Camaro ZL1 benefits from modified supercharger, intercooler, a new exhaust system, remapped engine brain, HPE air intake, high flow manifolds, the lot. In terms of styling, it gets a subtle body kit and a new vented bonnet as well as a new set of wheels.

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