/Techtec Audi S4/S5 with 430hp

Techtec Audi S4/S5 with 430hp

techtec audi s4 at Techtec Audi S4/S5 with 430hp

German tuner TechTec, known to us for their magnificent 450-hp BMW 1M Coupe, has just come up with an upgrade kit that benefits the Audi S4 and S5 models powered by the 3.0 liter TFSI engine. In its most potent form, this TFSI unit makes 333 hp and 440 Nm of torque, but TechTec guys have developed a new software that unleashes the engine’s full potential.

Simply by optimizing the standard software the controls the engine, TechTec managed to squeeze an extra 97 horsepower out of it. That is a huge gain for a few lines of codes. And that means you can now have 430 hp and 520 Nm in your innocuous-looking Audi.

That power will enable this Audi, which even comes in estate form, to be 300 km/h fast. For that of course you have to ask TechTec to disable the speed limiter, which probably costs a few extra Euros. But it’s totally worth it because what is the point of having big power if your car isn’t faster than the factory model.

techtec s4 prustand at Techtec Audi S4/S5 with 430hp

techtec s4 vorne at Techtec Audi S4/S5 with 430hp

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