/Nissan Unveils Autonomous LEAF Concept

Nissan Unveils Autonomous LEAF Concept

autonomous LEAF 1 at Nissan Unveils Autonomous LEAF Concept

During this year’s CEATEC, Japan’s largest electronics and IT fair, Nissan unveiled a version of the LEAF EV that showcases the latest technologies in auto industry, IT and communication systems. The LEAF NSC-2015 is an autonomous electric car, designed to get round the congestion and accidents problems by using its own sophisticated brain rather than that of the driver.

Nissan believes that 90 percent of the accidents are due to human error. Take the human out of the equation, and you can reduce that to almost zero. The NSC LEAF parks itself, picks you up, calculates the best route to your destination, and gently deposits you at the other end.

Quite how the system works, we cannot fathom. But apparently it has something to do with a smartphone connected to the Automated Valet Parking technology. It uses an all-around view to monitor the surroundings, and also 4G communication technology to do its tasks. Those cameras can also be used as sort of security feature, alarming the driver if they detect suspicious behavior!

Nissan says this technology can be fully viable by 2015. That is of course if the LEAF lives on until then. It is not doing so well in the market these days.

autonomous LEAF 2 at Nissan Unveils Autonomous LEAF Concept

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