/1074 hp Audi S3 by TS Racing

1074 hp Audi S3 by TS Racing

TS Racing S3 at 1074 hp Audi S3 by TS Racing

We knew that Audi’s, or rather Volkswagen’s, 2.5 liter five-cylinder engine has a great potential for tuning, but we didn’t know how big that potential was until we came across this. What we have here is an innocuous looking Audi S3 modified for racing by a firm called TS Racing, and it has a whopping 1074 HP (790 kW) and 1158 Nm (853 lb-ft) of torque!

Only God and a couple of his close companions know how in the world this little hatchback puts that massive power down to the ground, but it does. Actually, the more pressing question is how the hell did they manage to extract 1074 hp out of a 2.5 liter engine?

TS Racing’s Audi S3 is an amazing engineering achievement. The car also has a massive aero kit and other racing bits and bobs that are interesting, but the engine just dominates everything.

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