/Video: A Look Inside Audi R8 Factory

Video: A Look Inside Audi R8 Factory

Audi R8 Factory at Video: A Look Inside Audi R8 Factory

Audi cars, from the small A1 to the big Q7, all have a certain character, a certain charm that sets them apart from others. And you just need to take a look at the way these cars are build to know why. In this episode of Downshift they take us to the heart of Audi’s Quattro GmbH, where they make RS3, RS4, RS5, RS6 and of course the R8. The supercar is actually made separately from the rest, because it has lots of handmade elements.

It is all very nice, but you could argue it’s a bit too clinical and sterile for a car factory! That makes it all the more amazing how much soul and feel there is in the R8. The quality of Audi’s work is simple mind-boggling.

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