/1400-hp AMS Nissan GT-R Tested at Willow Springs

1400-hp AMS Nissan GT-R Tested at Willow Springs

AMS Nissan GTR at 1400 hp AMS Nissan GT R Tested at Willow Springs

AMS tuning firm is one of the craziest names in this business, especially when it comes to modifying Nissan GT-Rs. As CEO Martin Musial says, they have no interest in flashy body kits and stuff; all they care about is power. That is abundantly clear with AMS Performance Alpha 12 Nissan GT-R. It’s a 1,200 horsepower car that you can daily drive. It looks and feels and goes like a normal GT-R, but it isn’t normal… not even slightly.

To see what the AMS Alpha 12 is really capable of, Car & Driver took it to the Willow Springs Raceway. Since they were going to a race track, they decided to fill up the car with race fuel. That means this GT-R no longer has 1,200 hp. It now makes a full 1,400 horsepower! You don’t wanna miss this.

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