/Aston Martin-AMG Tie-Up Likely

Aston Martin-AMG Tie-Up Likely

Aston Martin AM 310 Vanquish at Aston Martin AMG Tie Up Likely

Aston Martin could have made more money selling its stakes to Mahindra or Geely, but they accepted Investindustrial’s £150 million deal for 37.5 percent of the company because of the Italian firm’s connections with other industrial brands, namely AMG.

Aston is now closer than ever to a strategic tie-up with AMG. If it happens future Aston Martin models will be getting AMG technologies, chief among which a new V12 engine. The British car maker has been using the old 6.0 liter Ford V12 – which is in fact two Mondeo V6s welded together – for ages. It’s time to introduce a new powertrain for the GT models.

Partnership with AMG will not only give Aston Martin access to new powertrains, they can also benefit form the German’s expertise in electronic systems, and emissions control. In short, it will help Aston make better cars. Imagine a V8 Vantage with AMG’s 5.5 liter bi-turbo V8… mouthwatering recipe.

Investindustrial’s relationship with AMG is rather deep and began when the German firm showed interest in buying Ducati. The Italians ended up selling the famed bike maker to Audi, but remained friends with AMG.

via Autocar

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