/Tuning at Essen Motor Show 2012

Tuning at Essen Motor Show 2012

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As always, Essen is the place to go if you like tuned cars, and this year was no different. All the major tuning companies had their stands filled in with brutal machines, and even smaller companies showed up with some pretty nice projects. We have some data and exclusive pictures taken during our latest visit to the Essen Motor Show that we’d like to share with you.

Starting with Brabus, it seems like they bring a police car every year; this time they’ve chosen the new Mercedes B-class and turned it into a great looking cop car, but that’s not the best yet, as they had a massive stand which was filled with highly tuned vehicles. Some were enormous, like the new B63, while others were a little more city-focussed, like the smart car.

Another great tuner at the show was Manhart Racing, which came in with its best looking beemers, and made them look even better and faster, as they cared a lot about performance; for example, the new MH5 S produces 646 bhp!!!

In the following photo galleries you can see all the main projects and also check a few dozen random pictures of other smaller, yet nice, tuning projects – some more weird than others shall we say – and mostly brought in by by rim manufacturers.



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(Photographer) – Pascal is a photographer and contributor of Motorward. His skills allow us to provide you with great images of the auto world.