/DMC Aventador LP900 SV Stage 2: The Spezial Version

DMC Aventador LP900 SV Stage 2: The Spezial Version

DMC SV 1of10a 545x363 at DMC Aventador LP900 SV Stage 2: The Spezial Version

Duesseldorf-based tuner DMC, best known for their Lamborghini kits, is proud to present Stage 2 version of their upgrade package for the sickest Lambo of them all, the Aventador. Following the first kit, already fairly bonkers, they came up with this Spezial Version, which is off the hook crazy!

This new Limited Edition Aventador LP900 SV features exquisite details derived from the one-off Aventador J, such as the new front bumpers with aircraft-inspired elements, new exposed carbon detailing, and of course an SV-style rear wing.

We have seen this car before, of course, but this is a reminder that if you want one, you better hustle. The Spezial Aventador is limited to just 10 units, and 6 of them have already been sold. There is only one slight problem. Apparently, you cannot just go to DMC and get one of these. You must be the owner of DMC’s regular Molto Veloce Kit and get this as an upgrade.

This car you see here is the 1 of 10, currently in Malaysia representing DMC’s great success in Asia.

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