/Rude Graffiti Closes Down Nurburgring for Hours!

Rude Graffiti Closes Down Nurburgring for Hours!

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Not sure why exactly, but for some reason people like to paint, ermm, gentleman sausage on the Nurburgring Nordschleife track. It’s become like a tradition really. But the latest ‘Ring willy painted on the Brünnchen corner was so brazen and, well, massive, that the authorities decided they’ve had enough.

So they closed down the track for several hours on Sunday to erase the graffiti, which was reportedly a tough job seeing as the paint was still wet. Local Police reckons the ‘artist’ used up to 20 liters of paint to create this thing, which shows how determined he was to show his talent. In the end they had to bring in a paint stripping machine to get the job done.

The guy responsible for all this was probably inspired by Top Gear boys, who have mastered the art of willy painting, as seen here and here.

Nurburgring, as you may know, is available to the public. Everyone can show up with their own car and race on the legendary circuit for a small fee. Located  around the village of Nürburg, the track covers an area of 20.8 km, and that’s why it is very easy to sneak in and vandalize the place. But you know, those graffitis are part of the Nurburgring’s character. It’s just that they show it on television all the time, and those rude images are totally inappropriate for family viewing!

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