/2014 Datsun GO Officially Unveiled

2014 Datsun GO Officially Unveiled

Datsun GO 1 600x400 at 2014 Datsun GO Officially Unveiled

The new Datsun GO has been unveiled in India, marking the revival of a brand that, if you are over seventy years old, means a lot. If you are wondering why it looks so cheap, well, that’s intentional. You see, Datsun has been resurrected to be Nissan’s global economy brand.

This way the big Japanese car maker does not have to sully its name making cheap, rubbish cars. But they also won’t be missing on the opportunity that growing and populated markets such as India and Thailand present.

The Datsun GO is basically a facelifted Nissan Micra, and with a width of 1635mm; height of 1485mm; and length of 3785mm, plus a wheelbase of 2450mm, it is also in the same size. Locally produced in India for the Indian market (initially), the car is designed to be comfortable, reliable, and cheap to run.

The GO is powered by a 1.2-liter engine paired with a five-speed manual transmission. Its convenience features include a Mobile Docking Station to connect with their smartphones. Datsun GO will be priced below INR 400,000. We have no idea how much is that, but it’s cheap!

There is something quite cool about affordable, no-nonsense cars like this, or the Dacia Sandero, those kind of cars. They are obviously rubbish, but there is an honesty about them that make them quite likeable.

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