/Hyundai Elantra Restyled by DC Design

Hyundai Elantra Restyled by DC Design

Hyundai Elantra DC Design 1 600x380 at Hyundai Elantra Restyled by DC Design

Indian tuners are making a name for themselves, albeit for the wrong reasons! They have have an entirely different view of what makes a car look cool than the rest of the world, and it shows in their works. Check out this Hyundai Elantra restyled by DC Design as a classic point in case.

The most obvious change is, of course, that unique front grille. We don’t know what has inspired this design – maybe Indian architecture, or a Hindu God probably – but we do know that if someday we absolutely had to drive this car, we’d crash it on purpose just to get rid of that look.

Apart from the grille, the rest of the car is not bad at all. It is wrapped in matte black and garnished with red stripes. It gets new wheels, a nice-looking diffuser and a even a pair of very cool triangular tailpipes.

The interior is a sea of red leather, as it’s used to cover the seats, door panels, parts of the dashboard and even the steering wheel.

via Indianautoblog

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