/Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Confirmed by CEO

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster Confirmed by CEO

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When Lamborghini launched the new Veneno concept at the Geneva Motor Show earlier this year, they came under criticism that while Ferrari and McLaren and Porsche are working on hybrid power and advanced technologies, Lambo is messing about with stuff that only excites 8-year old boys. They don’t seem to be caring about any of that, though.

In fact, they want to keep doing what they do best: making crazy cars for crazy people. In an interview with Car&Driver, Lamborghini CEO Stephan Winkelmann confirmed that his company will soon launch a Roadster version of the Veneno. The hardtop, even though it costs an absurd amount of money, has found a couple of buyer. So why wouldn’t make a Roadster and make more money?

Lamborghini Veneno Roadster will be powered, just like the hardtop, by the same 700 horsepower V12 engine you find in the Aventador. The Veneno is in fact a carbon-crazed Avetnador, which makes the job of swallowing its $4 million price tag a hard task.

The Veneno Roadster is apparently going to cost only 10 percent more than the hardtop, starting at $4.4 million. So what Lamborghini does here is charging you an extra 400 grand to remove the roof. That’s genius!

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