/Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG 850 iBusiness Revealed

Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG 850 iBusiness Revealed

Brabus 850 1 600x399 at Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG 850 iBusiness Revealed

The new Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG – or to give it its official title, the Brabus 850 6.0 BiTurbo iBusiness – is to all intents and purposes, as good as cars are ever going to get. What we have here is an 850 horsepower luxury super saloon, with a mobile office in the back.

The idea is that the VIP in the back can take care of some serious business as he’s being shuttled via derestricted German Autobahns, where the 850 can really strut its ample stuff. That is efficiency at its finest.

The technical bits are quite familiar to Brabus fans, expect that this time the 6.0 designation does not refer to a V12 biturbo. The engine in this car is based on the standard 5.5 liter biturbo AMG V8. Only it’s been drilled by Brabus to 5.9 liter, and given a few extra high-performance bits and bobs to make an astonishing 850 horsepower and 1,150 Nm of torque – limited, of course.

The power is harnessed with Brabus suspension, aero kit, and big ceramic brakes, not to mention high-performance wheels and tires. So you can go from 0 to 100 km/h in 3.5 seconds and reach a top speed of 350 km/h, and still arrive at your destination in one piece.

Brabus 850 2 600x399 at Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG 850 iBusiness Revealed

The real highlight of the Brabus Mercedes S63 AMG iBusiness, though, is what they’ve done to the rear passenger compartment. Even Steve Jobs would have been astonished by the Apple-heavy workspace Brabus has fitted to this car. You get a 15.2-inch monitor connected to a mini-Mac located in the boot of the car, two individual screens in the back of the headrests connected to Apple TV, and a whole slew of Apple iPads and iPods.

These toys can easily distract you from noticing the amazing leather upholstery and the beautiful color combination that make the interior feel so warm and cozy. The price of these Brabus über machines are usually undisclosed, but you are looking at something in the neighborhood of half a million Euros.

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