/Bulges and Curves: Supermodel Cars

Bulges and Curves: Supermodel Cars

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The automotive world often refer to cars as “she”, as in “Ain’t she a beauty?” With their curves and bulges, cars are also compared to the female figure, especially classics such as E-Type Jaguar.

Although it’s inevitable some of the models come without these bulges or curves and resemble more a prop shaft than an actual car, there were and still are a few supermodels that make this list. So what better excuse to ogle supermodels than by looking at what they drive?

Cindy Crawford

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Who didn’t have a poster of this curvaceous girl on their bedroom walls during the 90s? Despite no desire to be a model, Cindy Crawford became the most recognized and highest paid model of her era. She also believed in changing the perception of models by introducing the brunette, blue-eyed intellect look. After achieving more than the average supermodel (if they can be called average), she now runs her own company.

Crawford has always had a penchant for Bentleys, particularly the Continental GT. Following the recent trend of the “murdered out” look, Crawford hasn’t gone as far as Matte blacking everything, and what is left is a tasteful but sinister GT. The car is fitted with a Twin Turbo, 6.0-L, W12 engine that packs a hefty 567-hp and 516-lb.ft.

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Heidi Klum

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Heidi Klum was born in Bergisch-Gladbach, North Rhine-Westphalia in Germany. She moved to New York at 18 after becoming a model for Victoria’s Secret. In 1998 she achieved supermodel status after being chosen to be a cover girl for the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated.

Klum obviously knows what she wants as we have here a rather extravagant VW Beetle. With its white rims, custom interior and that amazing smile, everything comes together very well.

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Kate Moss

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Kate Moss, the sultry face of the London Look and known for dating Pete “how I am I still alive” Doherty, owns a few nice motors, one being a Range Rover, another being a splendid 1964 Silver Cloud Rolls Royce, but the choice I’m showing is her MG Midget Mk III. This little sports car was and still is a popular choice, whether being restored or used as a daily driver. The MG achieved 0-60-mph in 10.8 seconds and could hit 95-mph. The small engine produced 65-bhp and 72-lb.ft – because Kate weighs as much as a bag of feathers, it’s probably quite a spritely ride.

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Jodie Kidd

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Kidd was literally a kid when she was discovered aged 15. Because of her 6’ 2” frame, there were accusations she was anorexic, but despite being a healthy size 8, she’s still very slender.

Kidd is renowned for her love of cars and has appeared on BBC’s Top Gear on more than one occasion. She takes part in motor racing and has taken on the Gumball 3000 rally. A pure petrolhead, Kidd once stated that she straps her child into the back of her Maserati Granturismo when going shopping – good girl!

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Claudia Schiffer

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It only took a modelling scout to convince a young Claudia Schiffer to go to Paris to try modelling, and wasn’t long before she reached the dizzying heights of the famous Chanel line and Guess jeans. She appeared on over 500 magazine covers, including Vogue and Rolling Stone.

Renowned for her hard-working attitude, serious and running her life as smooth as a German business machine, Schiffer also applies her pragmatic side to her car…

… a Toyota Prius. I almost left her off the list for this reason, but no, she was one of the world’s famous supermodels.

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Naomi Campbell

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Naomi Campbell is one of the most exotic women on the planet. She was also the first black woman to appear on the covers of Vogue and the first black model to appear on the cover of Time.

In true diva style, Campbell has a reputation for possessing a short fuse, and this trait has seen her arrested and sued for committing acts of violence and verbal abuse. She even assaulted two police officers at London’s Heathrow airport. A year earlier she pleaded guilty to throwing her cell phone at her maid in a dispute over a missing pair of jeans. The world’s most exotic model was reduced to mopping floors at a New York City warehouse and was ordered to attend a two-day anger-management program.

So what does an exotic yet violent supermodel drive?

She doesn’t, she has a driver, of course. Campbell is ferried around in a black luxury Mercedes.

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Elle Macpherson

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Like so many models, the Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition was a big step towards Elle Macpherson’s fame. Because of her athletic build she graced four swimsuit editions. Known as “The Body”, Macpherson sealed contracts with Victoria’s Secret and Playboy. For working with Playboy, she earned a massive $25,000 per page – the spread was ten pages long.

With her calendars and highly successful fitness videos, Macpherson was one of the wealthiest models in the business.

This classy lady has true style and taste. “The Body” drives a gorgeous Aston Martin DB5.

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Eva Herzigova

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Everyone remembers this poster, right? This was the billboard that was criticised for its ability to cause men to crash their cars. Changing the way girls wanted their cleavage, Herzigova was married to a lucky Tico Torres, the drummer for Bon Jovi.

Not only a model, Herzigova was offered the role of Mandy in Eyes Wide Shut alongside Tom Cruise in Stanley Kubrick’s classic, but she unfortunately refused because there were too many naked scenes, and Kubrick didn’t want to alter them.

The most famous cleavage in the world drives the popular Fiat 500. This ultra trendy super mini also attracted the likes of Ferrari star Filipe Massa, Elle Macpherson, Bianca Brandolini and a handful of other models.

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