/Million-Dollar Maybach 57S by Knight Luxury

Million-Dollar Maybach 57S by Knight Luxury

Million Dollar Maybach 57S 0 600x400 at Million Dollar Maybach 57S by Knight Luxury

Following the demise of the Maybach brand a couple of years ago, the value of these cars kept plummeting to the point that you could pick one up for the price of a brand-new S500. But, ever since the rumors started flying around that the badge may be coming back on the back of a special version of the new W222 S-Class, the old models have come into focus again.

So that is probably why American dealer of luxury goods, Night Luxury, is asking for over a million dollar for this one. It is a tuned Maybach 57S featuring a sort of sporty body kit, large wheels, and lots and lots of features and equipment.

No one sane would of course pay a million dollar for an outdated car, especially when they can buy a factory-standard one – which is less embarrassing, to say the least – for like one-tenth of that. But it kind of makes sense when you realize that Nigh Luxury is located in Florida. And Florida, besides being a perfect place for the elderly and the retiree, is home to the world’s most successful drug dealers who work out of Miami. These guys like their cars flashy and stupid. This Maybach definitely fits the bill.

The most notable features of the Maybach 57S by Night Luxury – apart from rather magnificent carbon fiber body panels, all the leather, the 29-part white carbon, and the 39-part black carbon trim pieces –  include a sick entertainment system featuring iPads, Apple keyboards, Apple TV, and mobile LTE connectivity, plus a dashboard camera and a GPS tracking system.

Maybach 57S is powered by a 612-horsepower AMG V12 engine that provides superb performance for the big limo. Although, those massive 24-inch rims may compromise the car’s agility and ride comfort a little bit.

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