/Another Tesla Model S Burns as Comapny’s Share Price Hits Record High

Another Tesla Model S Burns as Comapny’s Share Price Hits Record High

tesla model s 600x408 at Another Tesla Model S Burns as Comapnys Share Price Hits Record High

Elon Musk is a genius. A lot of people doubted his ambitions when he first started Tesla Motors, but yesterday as the share price of his company passed $202.7 – an all-time record – those voices were nowhere to be heard. Still, there might be some chinks in Elon’s armor that threaten his success.

That chink is what brought on the ruination of Fisker: cars catching fire for no obvious reason. In the past six weeks three Tesla Model S have caught fire and burned to a crisp in America and Mexico, with a fourth one going on up in flames very recently in Canada, as reported by Bloomberg.

Tesla Model S fires were initially blamed on faulty charging systems, but in the case of the Canadian car, the car spontaneously combusted while in park after a short drive. It was not plugged-in, and its battery, charging system, adapter and electrical receptacle were all untouched by fire, which kind of rules out the possibility of a fault in the charging system. And since there aren’t that many components in an electric car, the culprit here should be the motor.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) is currently conducting an investigation as to the cause of Tesla Model S fires. This will probably result in a recall, which is a small price to pay to avoid future incidents.

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