/Nissan Qashqai Goes Rooftopping in Paris

Nissan Qashqai Goes Rooftopping in Paris

Nissan Qashqai Goes Rooftopping 0 600x450 at Nissan Qashqai Goes Rooftopping in Paris

Nissan is going to simply enormous length to convince people the new Qashqai is the perfect urban SUV in the world, ever. Trouble is, most of the things they do have nothing to do with the capabilities of the car. They are just elaborate marketing efforts.

The latest effort in this series is rooftopping exhibition Nissan held for the Qashai in Paris. Rooftopping, according to Nissan, is a new art movement that involves climbing to the top of city skyscrapers and capturing breathtaking photographs of the view below. Because it’s a kind of art practiced in the city, they thought the Qashqai would fit well in scene.

So they sponsored a gallery of Tom Ryaboi’s works, who is apparently the founder of this movement. He must have taken it literally when someone told him you should get high to produce good art!

As part of the exhibition, a Nissan Qashqai was lifted from Champs-Elysses onto the rooftop of the Publicis Drugstore using a crane. The building was installed with an advanced geolocalisation system that allowed the visitors to use their iPads to see the photographic locations. The exhibition proves a success, with 2,500 applicants applying for the 1,000 tickets available.

“We hoped that bringing together this exciting and interactive style of photography would highlight the key qualities of the New Nissan Qashqai, but we didn’t expect it to have such a big impact.” explains Luis Miguel Rojo Y Pinto, marketing director, Nissan West Europe. “We are glad to have been among the first to showcase this exciting new photography movement.”


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