/Tesla Model S Completes Coast-to-Coast Rally in Record Time

Tesla Model S Completes Coast-to-Coast Rally in Record Time

Tesla Model S Completes Coast to Coast Rally 600x337 at Tesla Model S Completes Coast to Coast Rally in Record Time

To promote their vast Supercharger network, which now covers the width of the U.S. from West to East, Tesla came up with a daring challenge in form of a Coast-to-Coast Rally. They sent two Model S sedans from Los Angeles to New York, relying solely the Supercharger stations to provide them with the necessary juice.

And they nailed it, having completed the journey in a record time of 76 and a half hours. This record puts in a number of facts in perspective in favor of Tesla. For starters, the fact that the Model S finished the journey without once breaking down or getting grounded for lack of charge is a testimony to the quality and the genius of Tesla’s plan. During the course of the journey, the two cars encountered all sorts of hardships like blizzard, sand storm, freezing temperatures, rain, and the biggest menace of all, traffic.

What’s more, Tesla Model S covered the 3,464.5 miles distance between the two great cities in the same sort of time a normal car would do, and in no less comfort and luxury than a normal car. Spending 20 minutes at some of the Supercharger stations along the way (they could skip a number of them due to the car’s efficiency) to top up the batteries, the cars used a total of 1,197.8 kWh energy, which is the equivalent of 136 gallons of fuel, which means at $3.20 per gallon, each car saved $435 in fuel bills.

This was a noble effort by Tesla and a perfect example of how electric cars can and will replace the gas-powered machines as the main means of transport in the future. Too bad that once hydrogen fuel cell cars go mainstream EVs will be rendered redundant.

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