/Geneva 2014: Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT

Geneva 2014: Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT

Mansory Carbonado GT 1 600x391 at Geneva 2014: Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT

If you were wondering whether it’s possible to make the Lamborghini Aventador more extreme than it already is, don’t wonder no longer. Mansory has come up with the answer in form of the 2014 Carbonado GT; a fully tricked-out Aventador with a mind-bending 1,600 horsepower power output!

We know that is a bold claim, but Mansory is not the company to claim something and not follow it through. They have listed the stuff they’ve done to the Aventador’s V12 engine in order to get that kind of power.

The Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT features a bespoke engine in which the pistons, connecting rods, rod bearings, crankshaft, crank and cylinder heads, as well as the exhaust system are changed with higher-performance parts. On top of all this, Mansory has fitted two massive turbochargers. Still, we can’t get our head round the fact that they’ve managed to get 200 hp more than twice the power of the standard engine.

Mansory Carbonado GT 2 600x400 at Geneva 2014: Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT

The performance number Mansory claims for the 2014 Carbonado GT are equally breathtaking. Zero to 100 km/h apparently takes only 2.1 seconds, while the top speed is only about 370 km/h. With 1,600 hp and four-wheel-drive you would think the Carbonado would be able to go faster than the Bugatti Veyron. But that is not the case.

Mansory Carbonado GT 3 600x450 at Geneva 2014: Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT

Regardless of the power and performance, Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT is right up a Lamborghini lover’s alley, what with an unbelievably ostentatious but undeniably impressive styling kit adorning its exterior. Almost every panel is revised in one way or another, and made bolder and more aggressive. We don’t like the exterior to be honest, but we adore what Mansory has done to the interior. The two-tone upholstery with its exquisite design and stitching is just fabulous, and the special trimming with leather, Alcantara and carbon fiber looks really cool.

Mansory Carbonado GT 4 600x450 at Geneva 2014: Mansory Aventador Carbonado GT



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