/This $200K Tesla Model S Is the Blingiest EV… in the World

This $200K Tesla Model S Is the Blingiest EV… in the World

Tesla Model S T Sport 0 600x399 at This $200K Tesla Model S Is the Blingiest EV… in the World

Behold the world’s first blinged-up Tesla Model S. This car is the work of T Sportline, who has poured over $80,000 worth of aftermarket kit in it, bringing the total cost of the vehicle to a staggering $ 205,820. It is a silly thing, this car, but at least now prominent hiphop artists who want to go green know where to look.

Some of the main changes made by T Sportline to this Tesla Model S, and the most expensive ones, include a 5 grand carbon fiber body kit and a $7,500 set of 21-inch wheels finished in gold, contrasting the dark blue color of the exterior.

That exterior finish, which has a unique shine to it, is actually a 6 grand wrap by 3M, garnished with $1,500 worth of window tinting. Inside the car you find a kicking audio and entertainment system valued at staggering $9,500!

But that’s nothing compared to the new light beige upholstery, which for some reason costs a mind-boggling $25,000. Maybe T Sportline thinks that because there isn’t really a competitive market right now for tricked-out Teslas, they can name their own price. I mean they are asking $1,600 for some parking sensors which consist of 50 bucks worth of Chinese electronics.

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