/Christian von Koenigsegg Details Agera One:1 Engine

Christian von Koenigsegg Details Agera One:1 Engine

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The founder and CEO of Koenigsegg super car firm, Christian von Koenigsegg, is a true automotive visionary. Just the way he talks about his products proves he looks at all this as more than just a business. He is making art, mechanical art. In this video Christian details the new twin-turbo V8 they have developed for the Agera One:1 hyper car.

The Agera One:1 engine is based on the normal Agera powertrain, but in order to extract 1,341 horsepower out of it, they had to deeply modify it. It’s been achieved by fine tuning every last details and every last part.

When asked about hybrid powertrains, Christian von Koenigsegg agrees that such systems have enormous advantages, and doesn’t completely rule out the possibility of using them for his cars. But he also points out that internal combustion engines are still evolving and they still have a lot to offer on their own.

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