/Mcchip-DKR BMW M3 E92 in Matt Black

Mcchip-DKR BMW M3 E92 in Matt Black

mcchip m3 0 600x400 at Mcchip DKR BMW M3 E92 in Matt Black

There is no doubt the new BMW M4 is a fantastic car and a head and shoulders above its rivals in the sports coupe segment. However, we’re not sure it is going to erase the memories of its predecessors, the E92, from our minds anytime soon. That car still looks so fresh. I mean just look at it. It’s flippin’ awesome!

Granted, this one here looks particularly cool thanks to a matt black wrap and black wheels. And it has a chipped engine, which is the main subject of this post. But still, even a stock E92 is a terrific sports car.

As for this Mcchip-DKR BMW M3, the German electronics experts have done their magic and extracted an extra 19 PS and 21 nm out of the E92’s 4.0 liter V8, bringing its total output to almost 440 horsepower – more than the current M4. And it’s all down to a few lines of codes. To have these codes installed on your M3 though, Mcchip-DKR is going to need 3 hours.

The introduction of the M4 is good news for the fans of the E92, as the prices of the old car are now on a sloping slope, plummeting day by day. Pretty soon you can pick one up for mad money and have it tuned with kits like this to your heart’s content.

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