/Super Coupe Showdown: BMW M4 vs Mercedes C63 AMG 507

Super Coupe Showdown: BMW M4 vs Mercedes C63 AMG 507

m4 c63 600x337 at Super Coupe Showdown: BMW M4 vs Mercedes C63 AMG 507

We already know that, on its own, the new BMW M4 is an absolute jewel. It looks awesome, drives brilliantly, and feels as modern and up to date as an iPad Air. But what happens when you introduce it to an old school king? Will it be able to hold its own against the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe?

The BMW M4 in this test is fitted with all sort of optional extras including carbon ceramic brakes. But then the Mercedes is a special 507 Edition, so they are pretty close. Let’s go see which is better:

As is often the case when you put to terrific cars up against each other, choosing a winner is really hard. It all comes down to your personal preference. If you like agility and nimbleness you choose the M4 and sacrifice throttle response and engine note. If, on the other hand, you want better steering and enjoy the dirty soundtrack of a naturally-aspirated engine, the C63 is your car, but you have to live with rubbish transmission and the fact that the car now feels kinda old.

One thing’s clear though. Both of these cars are capable of putting a massive smile on your face.

Via Autocar

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