/Brabus CLS63 850 Is One Mighty Benz

Brabus CLS63 850 Is One Mighty Benz

BRABUS 850 CLS 63 0 600x330 at Brabus CLS63 850 Is One Mighty Benz

We have seen plenty of Brabus’ 850 horsepower Mercedes S-Class. But if that car isn’t really your cup of tea, you’d be glad to know they offer that power kit for a number four-door Benz models as well. This is the Brabus CLS63 850 based on the Mercedes CLS, and it is more of a driver’s car than the S-Class.

With the Mercedes CLS63, Brabus has focused more on the driving experience than the sense of luxury. That is why you don’t even get rear headrest monitors, and that is why you do get a big button next to the gear lever to activate the bespoke Brabus exhaust system.

That exhaust system is part of a monster engine tuning package that equips the Brabus CLS63 850 with 850 horsepower and 1,150 Nm of torque (limited). The engine in this car is the same 5.5 liter V8 Biturbo you find in the standard CLS63, but here they’ve machined it to 6.0 liter and replaced almost all its parts with higher-performance units.

As mentioned, Brabus CLS63 850 is more about driving than anything else. So you’d forgive the body kit not looking too fancy, for its main purpose is to enhance aerodynamics. The kit gives the CLS a manlier look, especially in this shade of black.

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