/Jaguar F-Type R vs Nissan GT-R: Which Is Quicker?

Jaguar F-Type R vs Nissan GT-R: Which Is Quicker?

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Even though the Jaguar F-Type R is not a direct rival for the Nissan GT-R, these two have more common that you might think. Sure, the F-Type is prettier, more refined, more luxurious, and more fun to live with, but in terms of speed and performance, these cars are pretty close.

So this should be quite interesting. It’s a Jaguar F-Type R vs Nissan GT-R time trial challenge. Same driver, same track, same conditions… let’s see who’s got the biggest cojones!

Buying a Jaguar F-Type R for the sake of speed is kind of silly. There is a lot more to like about this car than just performance. The GTR, on the other hand, has no other purpose than being quick. That’s why it drops the ball on comfort, convenience, styling and refinement. So yes the GT-R is faster, but the F-Type almost as quick while offering loads more good stuff. So the Jag is the real winner of this test.

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