/Tesla Model S with HRE Wheels Looks Bitchin!

Tesla Model S with HRE Wheels Looks Bitchin!

HRE Tesla S 00 600x364 at Tesla Model S with HRE Wheels Looks Bitchin!

Some people say the Tesla Model S is too prissy and elegant for its own good. There is not much you can do to modify this thing without completely ruining its looks. Maybe that’s true, but the guys at Wheels Boutique proved there is no harm in fitting the Tesla with a set of nice wheels. If anything, you make it look cooler.

You need to be careful what kind of wheels you choose for the Tesla Model S, though. First of all, it has a respected brand. This is not a kind of car you can mess around with. Next, you need to get the size just right; too small and it’ll look ridiculous, too big and it looks like you are showing off. Lastly, the wheels must have a cool paint finish.

In short, the wheels you choose for the Model S should be the ?HRE ??S104 in Satin Bronze. Well, if your Tesla is black, that is. It looks simply superb. Only those who know what they are looking at will notice the brand and special finish of these rims, and that makes it cool. If it appealed  to everybody then there would be nothing special about it.


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