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Lamborghini Police Cars in Indonesia

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It was the Germans who first used an exotic Porsche as a Police car. Then the Italians gave their Carabinieri a Lamborghini Gallardo, creating a new trend which was then taken to a whole new level by Dubai Police, who assembled a whole fleet of exotic patrol cars. Other countries are now trying to keep up, and some of them are doing a good job of it.

These are two Lamborghini Police Cars recently acquired by the Indonesian rozzers. There is a Lamborghini Aventador in white and a Lamborghini Gallardo in matte grey, both garnished with the country’s official Police livery.

As you’d expect, Lamborghini Police Cars are not out chasing crooks and criminals. They are too valuable for that. Their job is to sit pretty in what appears to be a shopping mall, wowing the tourists and fooling them into thinking all is well in Indonesia.

The Aventador is powered by a V12, 700 horsepower engine, while the Gallardo has a V10 engine which in its most powerful setting develops 575 horsepower.

Via Indonesian Exotic Car Spotters

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