/Aston Martin Vanquish with Creative Two-Tone Wrap

Aston Martin Vanquish with Creative Two-Tone Wrap

Aston Martin Vanquish Wrap 0 600x380 at Aston Martin Vanquish with Creative Two Tone Wrap

Ostentatious wraps have always been a source of great controversy. There is no denying they are showy and vulgar, and therefore uncool. But sometimes you come across a creative and artistic wrap which you just can’t help but admire. This two-tone Aston Martin Vanquish, spotted in Monaco, is a point in case.

To be more precise, this Aston Martin Vanquish features a three-tone wrap with matte black for the rear and a light chrome rose gold sort of color for the front, plus orange accents acting as divider. We still don’t like chrome wraps, but at least this one has a nice twist, unlike the mirror finish on this Aston Martin Rapide.

This right-hand-drive Aston Martin Vanquish on British plates features stock black interior and stock wheels, which everybody agrees look terrible. The Vanquish could very well be the last of V12-powered, VH platform-based Astons. The next generation models will feature AMG engines and Mercedes underpinnings. As it is, the British super GT has 580 horsepower and a nice and supple ride which makes it more of a long distance cruiser than a sports car.

Photos via Autogespot

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