/Desert Camo Wrap for Mercedes G63 AMG

Desert Camo Wrap for Mercedes G63 AMG

Mercedes G63 AMG in Desert Camo 1 600x400 at Desert Camo Wrap for Mercedes G63 AMG

We are huge fans of military camouflage wraps, especially when they are applied to cars that have a mean and aggressive character.  And no car is more suitable for a military camo wrap than the Mercedes G63 AMG, as it was designed and developed as a military vehicle.

There are a couple of stories as to how the G-Wagen came to be. One version says it was designed for the German Army as an all-terrain vehicle, the other says it was an order by the late Shah of Persia who was a huge car nut and wanted a distinctive and cool car for his military. It doesn’t matter who was responsible for the conception of the G-Wagen. What matters is that Daimler decided to turn it into a civilian car; probably the best decision they’ve ever made.

Mercedes G63 AMG in Desert Camo 2 600x400 at Desert Camo Wrap for Mercedes G63 AMG

The car is still built today in a number of different variants with the same rugged ladder chassis as the original design and the same iconic design. The most popular version of the G-Wagen today is the Mercedes G63 AMG which is the subject of this wrapping treatment. This car was done by KBS Motorsports in Singapore. They apparently realized that jungle camo has been done to death and that urban camo does not suit the big G’s character.

So they went for desert camouflage wrap which is awesome, and garnished it with tinted windows and a set of 22-inch ADV7 M.V2 wheels in black.

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