/Production Line to Shipping Container: The MINI Life!

Production Line to Shipping Container: The MINI Life!

MINI Life 600x375 at Production Line to Shipping Container: The MINI Life!

Ever wondered what it would be like to watch a timelapse video of a person from when he is being put together inside the womb, to when he comes to the world, grows up, and goes about living life? Well, it’s not possible, of course, but funnily enough you could do that with a car!

In fact that is exactly what MINI did to celebrate the production of the 3,000,000th car at the Oxford plant. They put a GoPro on the vehicle as it goes through the production process and begins its export journey by train and ship. The footage that camera captured made for one awesome video:

The three millionth MINI to be produced is a 5-door Hatch Cooper S and has a special exterior design to celebrate its heritage and its British roots.

“The MINI brand has had strong ties to the UK for decades. Our MINI production in Oxford represents a commitment to the brand’s identity, firmly in line with our successful strategy of “production follows the market”. Oxford is the centre of our British MINI production network, with the Swindon pressings plant and the Hams Hall engine plant near Birmingham,” stated Board of Management member for Production Harald Krüger at the event celebrating the production milestone.


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