/German Special Customs BMW i8 iTRON Announced

German Special Customs BMW i8 iTRON Announced

BMW i8 iTRON 0 600x323 at German Special Customs BMW i8 iTRON Announced

The crazy tuners at German Special Customs, famous for their unashamedly ostentatious body kit, is working on a visual makeover for the BMW i8 hybrid sports car. The i8 is a very significant car, so tuners are all very careful not mess it up.

What GSC is proposing is a styling kit inspired, evidently, by Tron Legacy film. They call it BMW i8 iTRON and it features all-new front and rear bumpers, as well as side panels and bonnet, to make the i8 look even more futuristic than it already does.

BMW i8 iTRON 0 0 600x301 at German Special Customs BMW i8 iTRON Announced

BMW i8 iTRON looks more well-rounded than the standard car thanks to its massive front splitter that wraps around the air intakes and those signature LED lights. It also gets a new sport bonnet which is a part of the car’s two-tone scheme. Then there is the new side panels and skirts, giving the i8 a wider and more aerodynamic look, and leading to a heavily revised rear-end with new tailpipes and diffuser unit.

As with most other tuners, German Special Customs decided to steer clear of performance upgrades. They didn’t want to the one ruining the car’s green credentials for the sake a bit more speed.

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