/B&B Audi TT Tuned to 360-hp

B&B Audi TT Tuned to 360-hp

B B Audi TT 1 600x361 at B&B Audi TT Tuned to 360 hp

The new 2015 Audi TT has not yet got its feet fully grounded in the market, let alone in the tuning scene. But B&B is always a few steps ahead of the others, and they’ve already come up with a nice power kit for the car. B&B Audi TT comes with up to 360 horsepower.

In other words, B&B has rendered Audi’s effort is making a TT RS model pointless. If you want a high-powered TT, there’s your car. Thanks to a substantial modification program for the 2.0 TFSI engine, which includes stuff like bigger turbos, intercooler, software, and sport exhaust, the power shoots up to 360 horsepower and over 500 Nm of torque, thus turning the TT into a proper little pocket rocket.

B B Audi TT 2 600x351 at B&B Audi TT Tuned to 360 hp

For the faint-hearted customers, B&B Audi TT is also available with less power packages, including one with only a light turbo boost and sport exhaust, good for 326 hp and 450 Nm, and two low-fat kit with 310 and 300 horsepower, mainly due to chip tuning. Which ever stage of tune you choose, you have the option of fitting the chassis with sport springs and stabilizers, as well as new wheels and powerful brakes.

Mind you, these are rather pricey options. The 360-hp engine package alone will set you back nearly 10,000 Euros!

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