/Liberty Walk BMW M4 – The Making Of

Liberty Walk BMW M4 – The Making Of

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One of the most noteworthy cars of this year’s SEMA show which didn’t really get as much attention as it deserved was the wide body Liberty Walk BMW M4. Perhaps that’s because it looked kind of ugly. But anyhow, Impressive Wrap who did the chrome wrap on this car has now released pictures of tit being made.

Looking at the pictures of Liberty Walk BMW M4 being put together, you get some idea how tuners like LB-Works turn an ordinary car into a wide body, and how then it is wrapped to both look cool and cover up the imperfections.

So this is how it goes in brief: the work begins with disassembly of the fenders, wings, lights, bonnet, and basically anything that comes off with nuts and bolts. Then the tuner marks the fenders for installation of the wide parts they have already measured and designed in the computer and machined out of plastic or carbon or whatever, along with the fenders and other bits and bobs. Now, some tuners like to make the wide fenders sit flush with the body, but LB has a style of its own and attaches the parts with visible bolts and rivets, which is kind of cool.

After that the car is fitted with some wide wheels to fill up the fenders. The wrapping saves the tuner the hassle of a full paint job and it is cheaper too.

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