/Nissan Sells Z.com Domain for $6.8 Million

Nissan Sells Z.com Domain for $6.8 Million

Nissan 370Z 600x367 at Nissan Sells Z.com Domain for $6.8 Million

If I were a Nissan 370Z, I would be really worried right now! The Japanese car maker has reportedly sold the Z.com domain name, dedicated to their only real sports car, for a staggering sum of money. Are they planning to kill off the Z series?

It is possible that Nissan is thinking about dropping the 370Z altogether and not bother replacing it with a new model. But it is also likely that they sold the domain name simply because the offer was too tempting to say no to. They have received from GMO, Japan’s largest registrar, 800 million Yen ($6.8 million USD) for the single character domain.

It is not clear yet what GMO is planning to do with Z-dot-com, but whatever it is, it’s probably going to be more useful and profitable than being an online brochure for a 40 grand sports car.

“As one of only three single-character domain names currently existing in the .com space, Z.com is highly memorable and offers unparalleled marketing opportunity. Z.com was acquired to spearhead GMO Internet Group global growth strategy,” said GMO in an official statement.

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