/TopCar Mercedes S600 Guard with New Interior Design

TopCar Mercedes S600 Guard with New Interior Design

TopCar Mercedes S600 Guard 0 600x400 at TopCar Mercedes S600 Guard with New Interior Design

A couple of months ago Russian tuner TopCar revealed a Mercedes S600 Guard (W222) with an absolutely unique interior package. They have no produced a new version, boasting an even classier and luxurious cabin featuring dark green leather.

The thing about the Mercedes S600 Guard is that it’s a bulletproof car, and like anything armoured it has to remain unassuming on the outside so it doesn’t attract any unnecessary attention. That’s why tuners like TopCar tend to go berserk with the interior.

For this S600 Guard, TopCar has come up with exclusive design featuring Nappa leather emerald green and Alcantara produced exclusively for this car, Karelian birch decorative panels, and golden accents on the dashboard and the roof.

TopCar is known for their rather vulgar taste, but this time they held back and created something wonderfully elegant and prestigious. Even more surprising is that the owner of this car is apparently a Middle Eastern fella, which of course explains the gold accents, but not the fantastically restrained color scheme.

The V12-powered Mercedes S600 Guard provides all-round protection to the level of resistance class VR9 (both in transparent and non-transparent areas). It can easily withstands small arms fire up to 7.62 mm rounds and also small hand grenades.

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