/Brabus Viano iBusiness Interior Detailed

Brabus Viano iBusiness Interior Detailed

Brabus Viano iBusiness 0 600x400 at Brabus Viano iBusiness Interior Detailed

Brabus has been tuning Mercedes Viano van for years now, and as you would expect their efforts in upgrading this people carrier is mainly focused on the interior – the rear compartment to be precise. The Brabus Viano iBusiness is currently one of the best luxury vans in the world, and the gallery we have here reveals why.

As you can see in the pictures, the back of the Brabus Viano iBusiness makes the cabin of a Rolls-Royce Phantom look like a Hyundai. There are individual reclining seats the like of which are not even found on the Airbus A380, and they are upholstered with the finest leather available to man.

Meanwhile a huge TV screen connected to a PC with full Internet connectivity and a 3D DVD player separates the passenger compartment from the driver’s. Underneath this screen you find folding chairs, for your bodyguards presumably, and a console in the middle. The top shelf is where you find your cups and glasses, the bottom where an espresso machine is located. A fridge is found on your left, while the seat feature folding tables and also iPad holders. There is no shortage of cup holders and cubbyholes here.

The pièce de résistance of the cabin of the Brabus Viano iBusiness is a command center – which is frankly a remote control of the sorts – located between the seats. with this device you can control the main screen and also various other features. You can also control some of the equipment via a dedicated iPad app.

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