/Countach-Inspired DMC Huracan Teased for GMS

Countach-Inspired DMC Huracan Teased for GMS

dmc huracan countach 600x369 at Countach Inspired DMC Huracan Teased for GMS

German tuner DMC has already given the world a number of pretty awesome Lamborghini Huracan kits. But they have saved their best offer yet for the 2015 Geneva Motor Show. This new DMC Huracan will blow everything else out of the water.

If this teaser image they’ve just released is anything to go by, the new DMC Huracan is inspired by the legendary Lamborghini Countach. For decades the Countach was the car every 10-year-old dreamed of driving. Many had posters of it on their bedroom walls. Even today the Countach is considered as one of the greatest piece of automotive design in history.

So for DMC to bring the Countach’s name into the game they must be having something truly awesome planned for the car’s grandson, the Huracan. The existing DMC Huracan kit, the Affari, is a pretty nice effort featuring well-designed front splitter, rear spoiler, and side sills. But it is nowhere near “extreme” enough to be linked in any way or form to the great Countach.

The Geneva-bound Huracan by DMC should have that extra bout of lunacy required for a car to achieve the Countach level of sex appeal. Hopefully, they will be releasing more teasers and previews in the run up to the Geneva show, so we’ll know if that really is the case.

dmc huracan gms 2 600x337 at Countach Inspired DMC Huracan Teased for GMS

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