/G-Power BMW M3 E9X Boosted to 630 hp

G-Power BMW M3 E9X Boosted to 630 hp

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While admitting that the new M3/M4 have become the center of attention for all upgrade programs, G-Power says there is still life to be eked out of the previous model’s V8 engine. So they announced a new software upgrade for all G-Power BMW M3 E9X Supercharged models which is good for an extra 20hp.

Developed for the SK II CS supercharger system, the 1,669 Euros electronic upgrade will boost the output of the 4.0 liter V8 engine in the G-Power BMW M3 from 610 to 630 horsepower with 590 Nm of torque. These are figures as yet unmatched by any upgrade program available for the new M3/M4’s straight-six turbo engine.

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G-Power’s software upgrade not only increases the power of the M3’s engine, it also has a profound effect on its sharpness. The throttle response becomes much sharper after this treatment and the engine responds to the tiniest of movement in the pedal. No wonder than the car equipped with this system can accelerate form 0 to 200 km/h in 10.5 seconds and reach 330 km/h flat out.

The cost of the SK II CS TU supercharger system for the G-Power BMW M3 E9X is 13,500 Euros. If you want the titanium exhaust system, that’ll be another 4,651 Euros.

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