/Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL63 AMG R230 – Still Cool?

Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL63 AMG R230 – Still Cool?

Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL63 0 600x372 at Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL63 AMG R230   Still Cool?

Well, this is a nice blast from the past. A while ago we showed you what Japanese Vitt has in store for the current generation Mercedes SL. Now let’s go back in time and check out their wide body kit for the R230 SL. Is Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL63 AMG wide body still hot, or is it starting to look a bit ghastly?

That is an important question, because as we know there are a lot of people who can’t afford a Mercedes-Benz model when it is first released. These guys wait for a new generation to arrive and replace their beloved Merc, and when the prices have plummeted enough they go and buy the car of their dreams. But since by then the car has gone out of fashion, they tend to spice things up with a body kit and some nice wheels.

So not only Vitt Squalo Mercedes SL63 AMG is not outdated, it is very much of its time, taking into account if people still find it desirable. On paper things look pretty good. The car has all the ingredients of what makes a SL look awesome. There are wide fenders, massive air intakes, large splitters, and a big rear wing. What’s more, a nice set of extra-wide wheels are employed to fill up those fenders and make the whole thing look more together.

Thing is though, the world seems to have outgrown this kind of treatments. Sure, we still see many wide body kits around, but most of them are ‘extreme’ kits designed for car shows and tuning competitions. If we’re honest, this thing looks a bit like a kit car, and that’s just not cool.

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