/BMW M4 Convertible Sits Prettier with KW Coilovers

BMW M4 Convertible Sits Prettier with KW Coilovers

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There is no doubt that BMW M4 Convertible is a colossal hottie in its standard form. But just as you can improve the looks of, say, Megan Fox by putting her in a pair of Jimmy Choo pumps, you can make this baby look hotter by adjusting its suspension using the right components.

And no component can be more right for this car’s, or any other’s, suspension than those provided by the specialists at KW. The system they are proposing for the BMW M4 Convertible is a Variant 3 KW coilover kit which is adjustable in rebound and compression damping force between the approved range of 15 to 40mm.

What this means is you can setup your suspension for comfort throughout the week, and then on then when you hit the rack in the weekend change it to maximum stiffness mode which will reduce body movement and enhance steering behaviour.

The year-round effect of Variant 3 KW coilover kit on BMW M4 Convertible is reduce the standard ride height to a more sporty stance which, needless to say, make a huge difference in the car looks. Thanks to the adjustability of this system, if someday you fancied a set of larger wheels for your Bimmer it is only a matter of fiddling with a few screws to set them up properly.

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