/Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe Returns in New Gallery

Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe Returns in New Gallery

Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe studio 0 600x340 at Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe Returns in New Gallery

It was back in March and at the Geneva Motor Show when we first saw the Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe with its dazzling exterior and magnificent engine. Now Brabus has released new studio photos of this car which make it look more down to earth somehow, but still pretty impressive.

The biggest highlight of Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe, obviously, is its engine. It starts life as a 5.5 liter bi-turbo V8 made by AMG producing around 550 horsepower. What Brabus does is send it to graduate school, in which the engine grows to almost 6.0 liter and learns new tricks, and as a result makes an astounding 850 horsepower.

This immense power enables Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe, which is a fairly heavy luxury coupe, to do the classic 0-100 km/h test in 3.5 seconds and reach a limited top speed of 350 km/h. Not bad going for something that looks and feels more luxurious than the Buckingham palace. It has more toys too.

The styling kit on Brabus Mercedes S63 Coupe is subtlety itself, especially in black. You get a prominent carbon fiber front spoiler, side vents, side skirts, rear diffuser and boot lid spoiler. But they are not the showy kind and look very discreet. Uprated brakes and suspension as well Monoblock wheels are among the other goodies you get in this program.

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