/Spotlight: Brabus Mercedes G65 800 at Alain Class

Spotlight: Brabus Mercedes G65 800 at Alain Class

Brabus Mercedes G65 alain 0 600x409 at Spotlight: Brabus Mercedes G65 800 at Alain Class

Every time we start to think Alain Class Motors has reached its limits and they cannot possibly outdone themselves, they come up with something more astonishing than the last. So after admiring their Aston Martin One-77 a few days ago, we now get to see this Brabus Mercedes G65 800 at their showroom, which is one of the rarest cars in the world right now.

Brabus Mercedes G65 800 starts life as a Mercedes G65 AMG which a highly exotic, limited production version of the G-Wagen built to order for AMG’s most distinguished customers. It comes, in standard form, with a 620 horsepower V12 bi-turbo engine. What Brabus does is take this super rare SUV and basically turn everything in it up to eleven.

So Brabus Mercedes G65 gets a custom body kit, uprated drivertrain, brakes and suspension, a lavish interior bespoke to the individual who has ordered the car, and oh yes, a beefed-up version of the AMG V12 engine boosted to over 800 horsepower!

Boasting a carbon fiber body kit including custom bumpers, vented hood, extended fenders, side skirts, and rear spoiler, Brabus Mercedes G65 comes only in sober colors for the exterior. That is in total contrast with the interior, which as you can see here can be ordered in the ghastliest shade of red and garnished with violet LED ambient lighting!

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