/Tron Style Lamborghini Aventador by Impressive Wrap

Tron Style Lamborghini Aventador by Impressive Wrap

Tron Style Lamborghini Aventador 0 600x450 at Tron Style Lamborghini Aventador by Impressive Wrap

Those of you who don’t like a full wrap job on your car but still want a piece of that lifestyle might be interested in this relatively new Tron Style trend, beautifully showcased on this Lamborghini Aventador. Inspired by the vehicles from the movie Tron, this treatment is rather simple yet hugely effective in altering the looks of the car.

Tron Style wrapping consists of tracing every line of the car’s body with special tape, and adding your own lines to create a design that will give the car a 3D sort of look. Some hard-core Tron fans use glow in the dark tape for these lines and complement it with neon lights. That is a bit over the top to be honest. You do want to cover the whole thing with protective film though, as Impressive Wrap has done here, just to make sure the lines won’t get messed up being exposed to the elements.

Lamborghini Aventador Specs:


  • cc: 6498
  • Liters: 6.5
  • bore: 95.0
  • stroke: 76.4
  • compression ratio: 11.8 (comp ratio)
  • number of cylinders: 12
  • configuration: V
  • valve gear type: double overhead cam (DOHC)
  • variable valve timing/camshaft: yes
  • number of valves per cylinder: 4
  • engine code: L539 (code)


  • measurement standard: EEC
  • Maximum power kW: 530 (kW)
  • Maximum power hp/PS: 720 (hp/PS)
  • rpm for maximum power: 8250 (rpm max hp)
  • maximum torque lb ft: 509 (max torq lb ft)
  • maximum torque Nm: 690 (max torq Nm)
  • rpm for maximum torque: 5500 (rpm max torq)

Power steering

  • vehicle speed proportional: yes
  • type: hydraulic
  • variable rack: –


  • Transmission type: manual
  • number of speeds: 7
  • mode select (auto only): no
  • manual mode (auto only): no
  • shift lever location: column
  • manual sequential: yes
  • automatic mode – manual: yes
  • transmission description: manual sequential with automatic mode (Man seq auto)
  • 7th gear ratio :1: 0.844 (7th)


  • type: wishbone
  • stabilizer bar: yes
  • location: front (frt)
  • location: rear
  • wheel dependence: independent (ind)
  • spring type: coil
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